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Best Chiropractor Birmingham AL

As the best chiropractor Birmingham, we invest wholeheartedly in ensuring all patients looking for our assistance experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You will feel our accommodating hands from your very first visit, which will take about 60 minutes.

The condition, in many instances, grows gradually. It might experience three phases, beginning with pain, followed by stiffness, and lastly, suffering will increase as you feel more pain. Stiff shoulders are regularly mistaken for rotator sleeve tendonitis. The main distinction between these two is patients with stiff shoulders will encounter increasing pain and torment irregularly. On the other hand, rotator sleeve tendonitis will bring about swelling and inflammation for a couple of weeks.

Best Chiropractor Birmingham comprises of:


As the best chiropractor Birmingham Alabama, we will start by asking you questions about your complaint and other issues affecting you. We will likewise include a nitty-gritty past medical history, which will enable us to acquire a diagram of your health and wellbeing.


Following the history taking, we will do an intensive orthopedic and neurological assessment to discover the underlying cause of your concern. The outcome, together with your medical history, will enable us to figure a conclusion.

Report Of Findings

During your Report of Findings, we will give you a summary and talk about your bespoke treatment plan. The conversation will include suggestions intended to address your problem and programs to assist you with accomplishing and keeping up your wellbeing. On the off chance that after understanding your medical history and evaluation, your chiropractor feels the issue is inadequate for chiropractic treatment, we will attempt to refer you to suitable experts. In the report of results and findings, we will examine:

  • What we discovered during your assessment utilizing models and charts;

  • Our prescribed treatment plan and reasons behind these proposals;

  • If necessary, the need to undergo further examinations;

  • The alternatives and decisions you have;

  • We will guide you on self-improvement;

  • Once everything is settled, we will likewise give you your one-of-a-kind new patient pack.

  • During the report of findings, you can ask your chiropractor as many questions as you deem necessary as we feel it is significant that you understand everything discussed.

Treatment: Once you are content with all we have assessed, you are now prepared for your treatment from the best chiropractor Birmingham.

Consequent Visits

Chiropractic care frequently includes a series of visits from the first treatment to the final one. The condition, in many instances, grows gradually. It might experience three phases, beginning with pain, followed by stiffness, and lastly, suffering will increase as you feel more pain.

Our experts will use their experience and skill to make sure medications fit your needs and to guarantee you get the best result, utilizing various profoundly compelling methodologies:

Broadened strategy

A particular innovation is conducted to address the problem joints of the spine by improving spinal biomechanics and decreasing sensory system obstruction. The energy sent during the push may deliver a slight "popping" sound from the moving gas and liquids in the joint.

  • Myofascial Dry Needling

  • Delicate Tissue Work, Active discharge system, and Graston

  • Kinesio Taping

  • Ergonomic and Postural exhortation

  • Rehabilitative Exercises

  • Sports Massage

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