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Chiropractor in Birmingham AL: Effective and Gentle Approach

At Chiropractor in Birmingham, we work closely with you to determine the root cause of your health issues and develop treatments for your specific needs. Our highly qualified and well-experienced chiropractors rely on a range of evidence-based chiropractic treatments, including manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise prescription, to help our clients achieve immediate and sustainable relief from pain and mobility issues. We take a holistic approach to the well-being and care of our patients, frequently working together with the patient’s Physios, General Practitioners, or other health care professionals in providing treatment.

Types Of Massage - Some Can Help You With Your Back Neck And Shoulder Pain

Massage Therapy Lancaster CA

Our Massage Therapy Lancaster specialists are experts in using oil or talcum powder in providing this type of service. These things are used to let their hands slip over our patient’s skin smoothly. However, we use a sheet or a piece of thin cloth to get the same effect in some cases. And with our expertise, we can perform all types of massage to help you feel better, so if you need a specific one, we can deliver it to you with excellence. And to help you choose which type you might need, some of the most common ones are listed below with a short description.

  • Myotherapy. It involves assessing and treating pain in the soft tissue and injuries that affect movement and flexibility. It is used to bring back and keep the health condition and function of the soft tissue of the human body.

  • Remedial. In case of signs and causes of biomechanical injury or issue, this massage is perfect as it assesses, treats, and rehabilitates the body. Our Massage Therapy Lancaster specialists use a particular set of techniques to help the patient recover and have better health and function.

  • Therapeutic. It is commonly known as western or Swedish massage. It is designed to help the patient achieve relaxation and enhance the blood flow, giving them calmness and a lighter feeling.

  • Lymphatic Drainage. The process involves the whole body as it is a gentle approach that relaxes the nervous system. It also helps the body’s immune system to have better performance.

  • Aromatherapy. Essential oils made from specific flowers and plants are mixed with massage oil as these ingredients have particular therapeutic properties. Depending on your need, the oils combined can be more than two.

  • Baby Massage. This therapy can make the baby sleep better as it helps treat constipation, colic, and sleeping disorder. According to recent studies, regular massage helps premature babies to gain weight faster, making them stronger.

  • Reflexology. Reflex points, which connect all body parts, are found in the feet, hands, face, and ears. If a certain amount of pressure is given in these areas, it will help the body stimulate its natural healing process for faster recovery.

  • Shiatsu. It is a technique that originated in the oriental part of the world. The goal of this approach is to enhance the flow by focusing on certain points on the body. It has a similar principle to acupuncture.

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